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Find the Right Business Mentor to Help You be Successful

Finding the right business mentor can make all the difference in your success. You need a coach who will guide and support you, someone with experience in running their own businesses or working for others.
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They should have an understanding of what it takes to run a small business successfully. A good mentor is also able to give advice on how best to manage yourself so that you don’t burn out. The following are the tips for finding the right business mentor to help you be successful:entrepreneur mentorship

1) Ask around

If you know anyone else who has been through this process before, ask them if they could recommend any mentors. It may take some time but eventually, you will find one.

2) Look online

There are many websites where people advertise themselves as being available to provide mentoring services. Some charge by the hour while others offer packages at different levels. Make sure you read reviews about these sites from other clients.

3) Read books

Many self-help authors write books that include chapters on ‘finding a mentor’ and this may include public speakers. These books often contain useful information such as: How to choose a mentor; What questions to ask when choosing a mentor; Tips on building rapport with your mentor; etc.

4) Join groups

Groups like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow members to connect with each other based on common interests. This means there might be opportunities to meet new people who share similar experiences to yours.

5) Networking events

Events organized by local chambers of commerce, professional associations, and networking clubs usually attract lots of potential mentors. Check out the event calendar for details.

6) Attend seminars

Seminars held by organizations such as Business Link, Chambers of Commerce, and Professional Associations are great places to learn more about starting up a business through various business speakers.

7) Talk to friends

Friendships developed over shared experiences can lead to valuable connections. Find out whether they would consider becoming your mentor.